Year of the console Atari

Year of the console - Microsoft, Sony ... and now Atari

Atari console


It is a strange tactic that the American company decided on. In the same month that gamers around the world will rush to the modern gaming systems Xbox Series X / S and PS5, Atari will offer its VCS retro console, modeled on the famous device from 1977.

Unlike other retro consoles, this is a device with far more serious hardware. The case contains dedicated Radeon and Ryzen chips with 8 gigabytes of memory. Why such components for playing ancient titles (there are about 100 of them installed at the factory)? Atari's ambitions seem to exceed the mere charge of nostalgia, so future owners will be able to play some of the current titles in 4K resolution. Because of this, in addition to a replica of the classic joystick, an "Xbox" controller is also available.

PC Mode is especially interesting, so in addition to Linux running the interface, it is possible to boot a secondary operating system such as Windows from bootable USB, making VCS a computer. Additional games, video streaming programs, music players, or browsers will be downloaded from Atari's online store. There are two USB 3.0 ports on the back of the device, HDMI and Ethernet, while WiFi and Bluetooth are supported as wireless connection methods. The pre-sale of the Atari VCS is in progress, for 390 dollars, while the full amount, when the sale starts on November 27, will be 10 dollars higher. 

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