The XPG SPECTRIX D50 Xtreme overclocking

ADATA Technology has announced that XPG Overclocking Lab (XOCL) has overclocked the XPG SPECTRIX D50 Xtreme RGB DDR4 memory module to a frequency of 5300MT / s. This result was achieved with the Gigabyte B550 VISION D motherboard with AMD Ryzen 7 4700G processor.



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Manufactured exclusively from the highest quality chips and printed circuit boards, the SPECTRIX D50 Xtreme provides exceptional stability, reliability, and performance, and supports the latest Intel and AMD platforms. The XPG SPECTRIX D50 Xtreme stands out with its sleek and solidly designed cooler with beautiful geometric lines and a triangular RGB light strip that perfectly complements the overall design of the module.


PECTRIX D50 Xtreme-overclock 5400MT-s

Moreover, in line with the limited edition status, the SPECTRIX D50 Xtreme memory module comes in a special package with a shiny exterior and a special, premium box.

When installed on a PC that supports XMP 2.0, SPECTRIX D50 Xtreme is fully compatible with XMP 2.0 technology for easier overclocking Support for XMP 2.0 means that users have more ways to access memory overclocking, including direct overclocking from the operating system instead of more complex settings BIOS.

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