World of Warships

New battle modes are temporarily available and the second phase in the battles of American battleships begins

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The latest update brings the US Navy's historical collection, along with combat missions, daily deliveries, and an exciting new battle mode.

Developer and publisher Wargaming has released its latest update for World of Warships (VoVS), a widely popular, free naval fighting game. The second phase of events in American warships represents a unique historical collection focused on the US Navy, through combat missions and daily shipments with regular awards. On top of that, the update represents a new combat regime that is temporarily available, located in a dark future ruled by corporations ... And all this is true for Halloween.
World of Warships mods 2
This event refers entirely to the US Navy, designed to inform players about the main batteries of battleships, admirals, and medals for bravery in both world wars, as well as the main uniform types of enlisted persons of the US Navy during World War II. By completing the collection, players will receive a new level V battleship from Oklahoma, with camouflage, flags, and containers, which will be rewarded after completing new combat missions.

The Great Hunt: The Key to Victory! 

The monstrous new battle mods are available temporarily in World of Warships and will surely delight fans of sci-fi dystopia. Introducing Key Battles, a temporary game mode in which 16 players fight each other and monsters controlled by artificial intelligence on a giant Polygon map. The main goal of the players is to get out of the polygon through the portal located in the center of the map, by destroying one of the special monsters and getting the key. Players start alone, but can directly assemble a team of up to three boats. However, only one can use the key, which is why he will face a choice - go all the way with the allies or turn his weapon against them and escape like a lone wolf. Players will be able to take the helm of three different ships, each customizable with a wide selection of different modules, allowing them to experiment with dozens of unique combinations and styles of play.


These are just two of the most important releases from the latest update that will also feature several other add-ons, such as new missions for Clans to win awards, an update to the aircraft carrier interface, and more. Complete information can be found here, and additional material for World of Warships can be found on the official website.


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