Death Stranding got a whole new hacking mechanic and mission

Death Stranding Cyberpunk 2077

Kojima Productions announced today that the new update comes with exclusive content for all PC users. The creators of Death Stranding have teamed up with CD Project RED and inserted six new missions and characters from the Cyberpunk universe into their game. Players can expect a variety of exclusive items and a completely new mechanism in the game, hacking, which is a pretty surprising addition.

Each "runner" can unlock several aesthetic items and equipment such as a Reverse Trike vehicle with a Cyberpunk theme and more jumping power, a silver hand-created after Johnny Seahand's model that you can use in the game, new holograms, several fashion items, such as Johnny's sunglasses and other little things.

With this update comes hacking mechanics that Sam can use on hostile machines. You can see all the possibilities opened by the new mechanics in the video below.

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