iFixit has completely disassembled the PlayStation 5

iFixit has completely disassembled the PlayStation 5

Before the PlayStation 5 even began shipping, Sony announced its console disassembly, revealing details not previously seen (a fan that draws air in from both sides and an expandable SSD slot).

Now the popular iFixit site has done its disassembly of the console, completely disassembling the various panels of the device, and the site has even given an insight into the PlayStation 5 using an x-ray machine.

disassembled the PlayStation 5

The PlayStation 5 models with optical drive are secured and do not allow users to change the drive themselves. Besides, the DualSense controller was disassembled.

disassembled PlayStation 5 Dual Sense

More details and photos of disassembling the PlayStation 5 console are available here, and there’s over an hour of video that gives an even better insight into the console disassembly process.


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