Intel Core i9-11900 and i9-11900K on CPU-Z 12% improvement

Intel Core i9-11900 and i9-11900K on CPU-Z

Two new Rocket Lake desktop processors have been spotted: the Intel Core i9-11900 and the i9-11900K, both with eight cores. Judging by the results, which the processors achieved at the CPU-Z Benchmark, the CPUs achieve improvements of 12 percent.

CPU-Z photos point to a chip with eight cores and 16 threads, along with a 65W TDP, suggesting that it’s most likely a Core i9-11900 non-K processor.

CPU-Z Test i9 11Gen

The Intel Core i9-11900 non-K processor scored 582 points in the single-thread test, while the i9-11900K ES scored 597 points, an increase of about 12 percent over typical CPU-Z Bench single-thread scores for the current i9-10900 (non-K) and i9-10900K Comet Lake-S processor.

Source: Tom's Hardware

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