One Day Action - Alien: Isolation free to download!

One Day Action - Alien: Isolation free

To start listing every single case of inspiration that Ridley Scott's film masterpiece had on popular culture, we would not be able to list everything by the end of this year. The list would also include a solid portion of games, both those with the official franchise stamp and those that exude a similar atmosphere, such as SOMA or the long-awaited Scorn. Some were valid, and some were not. Fortunately, Epic today shares one of this first category, which was on our list of the Top 20 games of the decade towards the end of last year. The plot of Alien: Isolation from 2014 follows the end of the first film and follows the experiences of Amanda Ripley, the daughter of the well-known Ellen. Like her mother, she will find herself on a big ship where something went wrong, and we all know what it is about. You can download the game for free until tomorrow at 5 p.m

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