One Day Action - The Long Dark free to download

The Long Dark free to download

It is the third day of Epic's daily / one-day action and it can be guessed that the company intended to "pattern" the titles it offers. So far, management simulations and the old school platform in a new guise have been flooded. Now, it's time for the single player to fight for survival against, as our grandmothers taught us, the most dangerous enemy ever - winter! The basic premise of The Long Dark revolves around a pilot who, after a plane crash in an icy rage, searches for his companion from whom there is no trace or voice after a similar accident. During the game, you will constantly juggle your body temperature (because hypothermia is always lurking), calorie consumption, fatigue, and almost every other factor that can sabotage you in such climatic conditions. The game spent a lot of time developing, and even when it came out, it wasn't completely arranged. But that was three years ago, so by now, it has grown into a complete title.

The game is free on Epic until tomorrow at 5 pm

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