Robbed MSI factory in China - stolen RTX 3090 cards worth $ 340,000

MSI RTX 3090 cards

Already at the first announcement of the new RTX 30xx series, it was clear that the 3080 ($ 700) and 3070 ($ 500) models would go like crazy. With the subsequent 3060 Ti ($ 400) there has just been no talk of it. With the money that the developed world was not able to spend on vacations this year, the existing stocks objectively had no chance. What is surprising, however, is that there is equal interest in the strongest graph from the offer - RTX 3090, whose label was priced at $ 1,500.

The shortage will last for a while. In the meantime, we think that global hardware prices are outrageously high, and the still undetermined number of fans (maybe only one) of the Green Team agrees with that. They broke into an MSI factory in China last night and provided themselves with 220 RTX 3090 cards at the best possible price. According to the company, the part of the factory intended for delivery is covered with intentions, and the trucks are inspected in detail every time they enter or leave the complex. Therefore, it is suspected that one of the employees was naughty. A reward of 100,000 yuan ($ 15,000) was offered for any useful information. Also, a pardon is offered for the participant who registers and helps to locate the goods. Based on the nominal price, the damage was estimated at around 336,500 dollars. Of course, if the perpetrators are skillfully installed, the earnings will be much higher.

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