Sony has announced that it will support the PS4 for longer than the PS3

The director of Sony Interactive Entertainment, Jim Ryan, promised that the owners of the PS4 console will be pleasantly surprised by Sony's continued support for these consoles. He said that the company will continue to bring great games for PS4 in the years to come.


PS4 support

In an interview, Ryan acknowledged that the transition from PS3 to PS4 has been a bit hasty and added that the company will take a different approach when it comes to moving to the PlayStation 5. “We feel we have a responsibility to a large community and an opportunity to continue bringing great PS4 games. , as long as it takes, ”explained the director of Sony. "At the same time, as time goes on, you will see an increasing emphasis on PS5 development."

The decision to switch to the PS5 is more sensitive than it was with the previous generation. The PS4 is Sony’s second best-selling console, which has sold more than 113 million copies and continues to sell.


Source: techspot

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