Star Wars: KOTOR 2 from mid-December on iOS and Android devices

Star Wars: KOTOR 2

We just felt a strong rush of nostalgia! Aspyr and Lucasfilm have announced that one of the best Star Wars games will ever be on the screens again. Unfortunately, this is not a remaster of Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords, but an optimized version for mobile phones and tablets.

This great RPG first appeared on the Xbox back in 2004, and a year later it arrived on PC where even a casual Star Wars sympathizer smashed a serious number of hours. The plot is set 5 years after the first part and follows a lone Jedi (who suffers from amnesia) when persecuted by warriors of the dark Sith side. Pre-sale has already begun, and the game will be available for download from December 18 on the AppStore and Google Play (pages not yet available) stores for $ 15.


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