Synology has introduced a brand new DSM 7.0

Synology has introduced a brand new DSM 7.0

After years of work and patient learning on user suggestions and needs, Synology has decided to fundamentally build a whole new and better operating system. Today, NAS devices have become synonymous with secure storage and fast access to valuable data, and the new generation of software has retained the basic principles of Synology's simplicity and intuitive use while improving security criteria and better performance ...


Synology has finally released Disk Station Manager (DSM) 7 - the long-awaited operating system for NAS devices of this renowned world company. DSM 7 is the result of many years of experience, development, and improvement. Synology is proud to announce that this is the best operating system they have ever made.

Reliability, performance, simplicity, and scalability are the four pillars on which the DSM 7 stands. Reliability has long been a trademark of Synology, but the new upgrade significantly helps make reliability and data security even better.


Synology Disk Station Menager 7.0


DSM 7 brings improved and accelerated disk replacement, RAID configuration repair, and back-up maintenance, not only for greater reliability but also for better performance in critical situations. Disk replacement is possible without slowing down the current RAID setting.

Synology has added a new option for logging in to the DSM - an application called "Secure Sign in" or a new way of double authentication factors using the FIDO2 method.


Synology Disk Station Menager 7.0 Reliability


In DSM 7, users will notice significantly faster DSM login, work with applications and packages. Furthermore, users will have better performance in a RAID 6 configuration. In DSM 7, Synology has managed to achieve up to 80% performance improvement, and the process of repairing the RAID setting is also significantly faster. For example, repairing a RAID with a disk full of 50% capacity takes half as long as the previous version of the DSM. Business users will also benefit from faster automatic switching from active and passive servers in the event of a failure on easily accessible systems.

Synology Disk Station Menager 7.0 Preformance


An enhanced integrated wizard makes it easy to set up and manage a NAS. Many elements of the graphical environment have been modified not only for aesthetic reasons but also for better functionality and visibility. The "Help" menu offers better descriptions and links to help you understand each item, but also to help correct mistakes. The DSM 7 brings the simplicity, intuitiveness, reliability, and performance that until recently were reserved for business solutions.


Today's world is based on data that needs to be kept safe, so Synology also brings "Peta Volume" in the new upgrade. In DSM 7, using "Fifth Volume" allows the creation of "volume" up to 1PB. To make data recording work as well as possible, deduplication in DSM 7 will be extended from the application level to the entire NAS.

Synology Disk Station Menager 7.0 Photos


Secure, free, automatic photo archiving is the trademark of Synology NAS. Synology Photos is a completely new application, further enhanced with new advanced features. If you’re on vacation, backing up photos via mobile data can be slow and expensive. When you return to the hotel and connect to the WiFi network, the photos are automatically transferred to your Synology NAS. Searching for photos and videos is now even better with a smart search filter that supports multi-criteria search: recognized face, location, and date the photo was taken, or a combination of all of these criteria.

Synology Disk Station Menager 7.0 Backup


Backing up is always the number one topic. Many companies as well as individuals are aware of the importance of this procedure. Synology is trying to raise awareness on this topic and proactively teach users the easiest way to make backups.


AB Package

How to identify a good backup solution? It backs up the complete infrastructure - physical client computers, virtual and physical servers, and today even more than that because it includes the "cloud" itself. Yes, that's exactly what it does with cloud services such as the increasingly popular G-Suite and Microsoft 365. A good solution also supports deduplication, to save storage space. However, good solutions are usually very expensive because they are subject to some licensing model. In contrast, Synology offers all of the aforementioned advanced features of a good solution and does not require license costs. And this is Active Backup Suite for Bussiness!



Active Backup for Business brings several improvements next year. Support for Windows and Linux platforms at the file backup level. Upcoming improvements to the Linux environment and the advent of Active Backup will now be extended to macOS as well. Active Backup will support AES256 copy encryption, which further raises the security of your data.



With DSM 7, Synology integrates Active Backup for Business into the Synology C2 cloud environment. Backups of these platforms will now be able to be stored not only on the Synology NAS but also on the Synology C2 Server located in Frankfurt, Germany.

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