The mobile Spotify app will soon be able to play the user’s complete music list

The mobile Spotify app

Spotify is one of the leading services for streaming music, and the mobile application of this service is one of the most downloaded for Android and iOS devices. The service allows its users to stream a large number of albums. However, what lags behind the mobile version of the service is the ability to play music files that are in the user's library/list stored on the device.

Now whistleblower Jane Manchun Wong has suggested on Twitter that the Spotify app could soon be able to detect and import a user’s local music. The screenshot shows the option in the "Show device files" mobile application, with the description "Show all audio files on your device in Your Library". It is not known if this screenshot comes from an unpublished beta for the Spotify app, or was discovered and launched in the current version of the public app.

This feature would allow users of the mobile Spotify app to enjoy their complete music collection, all over one app instead of using other Android or iOS music players for their other songs or music lists.

It is not known yet when this feature will become available to users, but at least it is now known that it is in preparation and expected. 

Source: PhoneArena

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