The value of Bitcoin is still growing - it is now worth $ 23,000

Bitcoin 23000$

Since the previous news, when we announced that the value of Bitcoin has exceeded $ 20,000, this popular cryptocurrency has continued to grow and is now worth over $ 23,000 (at the time of writing this news). Some analysts predict additional growth in the value of Bitcoin as we enter 2021.

Not only has Bitcoin recovered from the decline in value is recorded in 2017, but the value of the currency is currently the highest ever. Some analysts predict that Bitcoin could be worth as much as $ 100,000 during 2021, but these forecasts could fall into the water very quickly if the value of cryptocurrency drops more.

It is suggested that the current growth in the value of cryptocurrencies was greatly influenced by their use by mainstream payment companies. PayPal is already preparing to enable support for Bitcoin, while Square already supports cryptocurrency. The demand for digital currencies by institutions is also increasing, and some see Bitcoin as "digital gold". 

Source: Overclock3d

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