EV.IO - A shooter that is played in the browser

EV.IO - browser shooter

The Addicting Games page, whose activity is "rolling" small online games, was started by FPS of domestic crafts. EV.IO is a shooter made from scratch to be accessible to everyone, regardless of the hardware configuration. The game does not require installation, but only an active connection to the Internet and a browser.


EV.IO - browser shooter game play


The reduced aesthetics are inspired by the Halo franchise, so futuristic environments and sci-fi weapons are noticeable. When the context is taken into account, it doesn't look so bad. By visiting the website https://ev.io/, you can almost immediately join the deathmatch with strangers. However, if you decide to register, the usual convenience of online shooters is available to you - skill points that you spend on boosting certain abilities (double jump, teleport, faster movement ...). Registered players also have the opportunity to exchange fire with friends at private parties. For now, 9 maps and two modes have been offered: Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch, and the authors promise more content in the future.

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