Original Apple I on eBay

Original Apple eBay

The first desktop computer to be adorned with the logo of a bitten apple saw the light of day back in 1976, for $ 666.66. A few decades later a copy from that era appeared on eBay and is somewhat more expensive. The seller is asking for a measly million and a half dollars for him! What astronomical numbers! What makes the owner justice?

Original Apple eBay 2

For starters, except for the screen and keyboard connectors, all other parts are original, including the unmodified NTI motherboard. The rare wood case is one of six in the world that "survived". Customers could be additionally attracted by the fact that the computer is still working, a real rarity for this year's device. However, the true selling point of this Apple I computer is that it is one of the first 50 that Steve (Jobs and Wozniak) personally put together. The owner came to him with a barter (for Apple II) in early 1978 in Montreal, where he worked in a computer store. It is accompanied by complete documentation and, of course, a certificate of authenticity. Unfortunately, the shipping cost is $ 720, which is too much, so we’re still giving up on this bidding.

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