The Intel Alder Lake-S is expected in September

Intel Alder Lake-S

For Intel, 2021 could be very significant as the company prepares to release two generations of desktop processors.

In January, Intel announced the 11th generation of Core "Rocket Lake-S" desktop processors, with the LGA1200 socket, which will arrive on the market in March. Sources also suggest that the company plans to announce the 12th generation Core Alder Lake-S in September this year.

The Alder Lake-S will be Intel's first mainstream processor created in the company's 10nm SuperFin production technology. The chip is expected to be a hybrid processor, combining the same number of larger Golden Clove cores and smaller Gracemont cores, to allow for much more efficient consumption.

Created for the new Socket LGA1700 socket, the Alder Lake-S should offer significantly more connection options for SoC compared to LGA1200 chips. Also, it will offer support for new platforms, such as DDR5 memory and the more mainstream ATX12VO.


Source: TechPowerUp

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