The MSI slide reveals the specifications of the Intel Rocket Lake-S processor

Intel Rocket Lake K-series


Thanks to the MSI slide, which was reached by the Videocardz site, the specifications of the Intel Rocket Lake K-series i5, i7, and i9 processors leaked, revealing clock speeds, TDP, and official memory support.

With the Rocket Lake series, Intel's i9 and i7 processors come with eight cores and 16 threads. Both processors will benefit from Intel’s Cypress Cove CPU cores, providing an advantage in single-thread performance over previous-generation models. 

11th generation Intel processors

All 11th generation Intel processors with K-mark will have a TDP of 125W and official support for 3200MHz DDR4 memory modules. The Intel i7-11700K will have noticeably lower clock speeds than its predecessor, as Intel hopes to provide higher levels of single-thread performance through improved architecture rather than through increased clock speed.

It is currently unknown how Intel will position the Rocket Lake line of processors, especially when it comes to higher-end models.

Source: Videocardz

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