The new Dell Latitude 9000 laptops feature an automatic webcam shutter

Dell Latitude 9000 laptops

Before the start of this year's CES 2021, Dell announced a line of laptops for 2021. One of the new features for the Latitude 9000 series could give users a greater sense of security when working or learning from home.

The Latitude 9420 and Latitude 9520 laptops come with a feature called SafeShutter. Dell points out that this is the first industrial webcam shutter, which can be opened or closed independently, depending on the synchronization with video conferencing applications.

In addition to this, the new laptop models also have a processor upgrade, so now there are Intel Core vPro CPUs of the 11th generation. Details about the 9520 model have not been released, but Dell points out that the Latitud 9420 will arrive with improvements to work from home. There are better built-in speakers, camera enhancements including automatic light correction and background blur.

The new Latitude 9000 series of laptops are available in a foldable or 2-in-1 configuration (which has 5G or 4G LTE and eSIM options). The Latitude 9420 will be available for sale in the spring, at a starting price of $ 1949, while details about the Latitude 9520 model will be known later.

For those who want a laptop with a large screen, Dell offers the new Latitude 7520. The device has a 15-inch 4K UHD display, with an optional high-definition camera. The laptop will be on the market from January 12, for 1049 dollars. 

Source: Engadget

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