Confirmed! Monster Hunter Rise also arrives on PC

Monster Hunter Rise PC

The Monster Hunter franchise has huge potential for Capcom thanks to its large gaming base, which is why it was quite strange to see the announcement of the Monster Hunter Rise game only for the Nintendo Switch platform.

That disappointed the franchise fans on other gaming systems a bit, for a good number of reasons. A glimmer of hope was given by a hacker attack on a Japanese developer, who revealed that he had plans to transfer Monter Hunter Rise to other systems.

Now the official news regarding the PC version has arrived, and it will arrive in 2022. Probably exactly one year after the release of the Switch version scheduled for March 26. The producer behind the game, Ryozo Sujimoto, and director Yasunori Ichinose confirmed the PC version in an interview with FanByte, noting that work is still underway on the port.

This is great news for all fans, maybe even expected as Monster Hunter World also came out for PC after some time on consoles which led to a couple of problems and delays with patches.

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