Naughty USB ports on AMD 500 Series boards

USB ports on AMD 500 Series boards

In case the shortage of graphics cards is not enough of a headache for those who would like to assemble a new configuration soon, it seems that you should be more careful when choosing a motherboard. About three months ago, topics began appearing on the Reddit forum in which users complained about boards with AMD's new 500 series chipset - "Stay away from Gigabyte (b550 / x570) motherboard if you use USB".

Namely, it has been noticed that the peripherals connected to the USB port are clogging, so for example. the keyboard suddenly grunts about twenty characters on the screen or for a moment completely refuses obedience. Initially, it was believed that the problem was unique to the boards from Gigabyte, which was meanwhile denied by the owners of the boards from other companies who experienced the same pain. It is obvious to AMD itself, which announced itself on Reddit regarding this issue. They are not sure what exactly it is about, but they are willing to figure out what the problem is. The company has invited all users who are hiccuping USB to submit a detailed list of their machine configurations, steps to take to cause a bug, logs and other system information to the official account in / AMDOfficial or online form via PM. In short, anything that can help engineers identify where it is stuck. As soon as enough information is collected, the phalanx will be solved with an express patch.

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