OLED models lead the great offer of LG TVs for 2021


LG Electronics (LG) announces the global launch of a new line of TVs for 2021, with an expanded offering that this year includes OLED, QNED Mini LED, and NanoCell models. Home entertainment is guaranteed, as the new line offers a wide range of diagonals, from 43 to the new 83 inches and an enchanting 88 inches, making LG TVs the perfect choice for all rooms and user needs.

LG OLED TVs for 2021 (Z1, G1, C1, B1, A1 series) boast self-illuminating panels that provide sharp, ultra-realistic picture quality and smooth, natural movement, with an extremely slim design that fits into any interior. All models in the G1 series have new OLED Evo technology, which provides even better panel brightness and realistic images with incredible sharpness and detail. The C1 series, the most popular series of LG OLED TVs, offers different screen sizes for different tastes and interiors, ranging from smaller models from 48 to a whopping 83 inches. The B1 and A1 series is more affordable for all customers who want to experience the world of OLED technology.

QNED Mini LED TVs are an exciting novelty in the offer because they raise the picture quality of LCD TVs to an even higher level. Available, QNED Mini LED TVs use LG Electronics' NanoCell Quantum Dot technology and mini LED backlighting to achieve deep blacks, with dynamic, precise colors and higher contrast than conventional LCD TVs and will be available in 8K (QNED99, QNED95 models) and 4K resolution (QNED90, QNED85 models). LG QNED Mini LED TVs set a new standard in the LCD TV category, allowing users to enjoy HDR picture quality, thanks to the combined power of the new NanoCell Plus and Quantum Dot technology, resulting in better red and green while blue wavelengths are emitted with LED.


Of all the new models, the NanoCell 4K and 8K models offer the largest selection in screen size. Consumers can choose between 8K (NANO99, NANO95) and 4K models (NANO90, NANO85, NANO80, NANO77, NANO75), but whatever the choice, all models feature LG NanoCell technology that uses nanoparticles to filter colors and thus create realistic images for even greater enjoyment of favorite movies, sports, and other content.

In addition to superb picture quality, all LG premium TVs for 2021 offer a superior home entertainment experience thanks to compatibility with the latest standards and video formats, as well as completely new features for an enhanced viewing experience of your favorite movie and other titles. With support for Dolby Vision IQ, Dolby Atmos, HDR10 PRO, and Filmmaker Mode, this year's TVs will "bring to life" the latest movies, series, and documentaries through top-quality picture and sound.

The international product testing agency Intertek has confirmed that LG OLED TVs achieve 100 percent color authenticity, so viewing pleasure is taken to a new level.1 Also, LG OLED TVs do not tire the eyes after prolonged viewing, as confirmed by TÜV Rheinland and Underwriters Laboratories.

Continuing to provide the ultimate gaming experience for which LG TVs are known, the new Game Optimizer feature automatically adjusts the best picture to match the video game genre: first-person shooters, fantasy, or real-time strategy. Sports fans will find it easier than ever to watch their favorite leagues and teams on LG TVs with the Sports Alert feature, while OLED Motion Pro displays every exciting moment and detail with incredible precision. With Bluetooth Surround Ready, LG TVs can connect wirelessly to multiple Bluetooth speakers for powerful, surround sound to faithfully evoke the feel of the most exciting sporting events.

LG NanoCell TV

All of this year’s LG TV models support the advanced HDMI 2.1 feature, enhanced audio feedback channel (eARC), which makes it easy to connect the TV to the sound system while optimizing the sound. They also support low-delay automatic mode (ALLM), which provides a seamless play of video games without image chopping. Several LG TV models also support several other features of HDMI 2.1. system.
Most models feature the latest LG intelligent processor, the α (Alpha) 9 Gen 4 AI. 2 The smart processor learns even faster to make the visual performance of any content look accurate and detailed at all resolutions. The processor further optimizes the visual output, adjusting the precise settings with the amount of light in each scene, the content genre, and the ambient conditions in the environment.

Image quality is further enhanced with the LG AI Picture Pro which recognizes objects on the screen and processes them individually to bring three-dimensionality and depth to each scene. Also, AI Sound Pro changes two-channel sound to virtual 5.1.2 surround, while automatic sound leveling provides constant volume when switching channels or streaming applications.

The user experience offered by the latest LG TVs is the best so far thanks to webOS 6.0, the latest version of the intuitive TV platform. Improved for 2021, the new webOS user interface provides faster access to applications, the easier discovery of new content with personalized recommendations. The redesigned Magic Remote has dedicated buttons that switch users to popular streaming platforms with a single click.

Distribution of the new TV line in various sizes will begin in the first quarter of this year and will be available in retail around the world, while some models will be specially announced for local markets.

Source: LG

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