One of the most controversial games from the beginning of the last decade is coming out this year

Six Days in Fallujah Game

Video games deal with a variety of topics, whether they are related to fiction or some real events. When games are based on real events, especially for some sensitive topics, then developers have to face a series of criticisms and protests.

The game, called Six Days in Fallujah, is based on a fight in Iraq played in 2004, in which members of the movement there and the US Army marines clashed. It was supposed to come out a decade ago, but it turned out that the wounds were still fresh, and work on the game had been canceled.

Now, in 2021, Highwire Games studio and publisher Victura are bringing a new version. It is currently unknown how this version will differ from the original, but it is known that the six-day battle will be faithfully told in the form of a video game, as the developer interviewed over 100 Marines, civilians, and soldiers for authenticity.

An additional step towards authenticity is the fact that the Highwire studio is working on special technologies and gameplay mechanics that will contribute to the recreation of the effect of uncertainty and elements of modern battles that are not present in other first-person tactical shooters (FPS).

Six Days in Fallujah is planned for 2021, and more details can be expected in the coming months. For now, watch the trailer:

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