Sony is working on a new Playstation VR device for the PS5

Playstation VR device for the PS5

In the period behind us, it seems like Sony wasn’t overly interested in its Playstation VR hardware, but focused more on other things, like the PS5 console.

This does not mean that the Japanese company is raising its hands from the promising scene, but is preparing for a new generation. Although the current PSVR headset model is compatible with the Playstation 5 console, Sony is now working on a new model, designed specifically for the PS5.

The new Playstation VR, which is not currently named, will not be released this year, and Sony is revealing that it will have better resolution, easier connection to the console, wider field of view. Also, with this VR helmet will come a new controller with a lot of features that DualSense has, such as haptic support, adaptive keys, and the like.

The announcement of work on this PSVR comes with very little detail, but Sony's goal was more to inform fans about the work on the new Playstation VR device, as well as to create new games and worlds that will be explorable in virtual reality.

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