The development of the game Dying Light 2 is in chaos

Dying Light 2 Game

We haven’t heard about Dying Light 2 in quite some time, other than the assurance early last month that new details will arrive soon.

However, new details that have now arrived related to the development path of the game scare fans of this series, which combines elements of parkour action and a zombie apocalypse. According to the employees of the Techland studio, which is behind the game, Dying Light 2 is in chaos, especially when you look at the work culture.

A large number of developers have left Techland dissatisfied with the way management leads game development, that employees' ideas are not listened to and that any new idea cannot be implemented unless seen in another game, which practically leads to copying other developers.

Sources, ie employees, who reveal details state that the worst thing in the whole situation is that people at the top of development do not have a concrete idea of ​​what Dying Light 2 should be as a final product, nor how the story will form a whole in the end. It is stated that the producers "kill" creativity a lot and that everything is constantly changing, while any novelties are immediately removed.

This is not the first time we have talked about problems in the development of Dying Light 2, as there have been similar allegations over the past year that have been refuted by a PR person at Techland.

We will see soon how the work progresses, that is, when the developer finally decides to bring some solid information.

Recall, Dying Light 2 was indefinitely postponed back in January 2020, since when no new information has been heard.

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