The first photos of the Intel Xe DG1 SDV

Intel Xe DG1 SDV GPU

The first photos of the Intel Xe DG1 SDV have been released, which has been disassembled and shows a fairly blank PCB. The Xe DG1 SDV is not commercially available and is distributed by Intel to independent vendors so that it can be optimized or developed for the Gen12 Xe graphics architecture.

The board has an ASIC GPU that is almost identical to the Iris Xe MAX mobile video card, and four LPDDR4 memory chips provide 8GB of video memory.


Intel Xe DG1 SDV GPU Back

The Intel Xe DG1 GPU is based on the Xe LP graphics architecture, and the silicon is created in a 10nm SuperFin manufacturing process. The chip has 96 EU (768 integrated shaders), a 75W power supply, and a PCI-Express slot. There are three DisplayPorts and one HDMI 2.1.

Intel Xe DG1 SDV GPU Chip

Although the Xe DG1 SDV will not be available in the market, Intel has allowed a small number of partners to develop custom graphics cards with this board, and one of them is Asus.

Source: Igor's lab
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