The record value of Bitcoin is now over $ 50,000

Bitcoin is now over $ 50,000

The value of Bitcoin reached new heights during the night, and the popular cryptocurrency is now worth over 50,000 dollars. This increase was influenced by several factors, and the most recent among them is certainly the announcement by Mastercard that it will support certain cryptocurrencies on its network.

At the time of writing, the value of Bitcoin is about $ 51,300. Investors are still optimistic when it comes to the growth of Bitcoin, and many suggest the next increase in value to $ 65,000 if the value stabilizes at more than $ 50,000.

Following the announcement by Paypal and Mastercard that they plan to support cryptocurrencies, their even greater mainstream acceptance is expected. Of course, global financial authorities are expected to start regulating cryptocurrencies if demand for them continues to grow.

While many are optimistic about the future of Bitcoin, many also fear that a financial bubble could be created around the cryptocurrency, suggesting an earlier decline in the value of the currency. For now, it is not possible to accurately predict trends and what is expected from Bitcoin in the coming period, given that the cryptocurrency is still unstable.

Source: Overclock3d

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