A well-known insider claims that Starfield could come out as early as this year

Starfield Game

Although we still know almost nothing about him, Bethesda’s Starfield space RPG has been a very common topic among many insiders in recent days. Many of them claim that this realization will almost certainly appear on sale sometime during 2022, but one of them claims that we could play it as early as this year.

Well-known gaming journalist and insider Jeff Grubb said during the Dealer Gaming stream that he is 90% sure that we will see a big revelation of the game sometime around the E3 fair (June), and that it could go on sale in November. He added that he has information that Bethesda and Microsoft currently have such a plan, but that it does not necessarily mean that all of the above will be realized.


Starfield has been in development for many years and also represents Bethesda's first new IP in the last 25 and a half years. We'll almost certainly see it on PCs and Xbox consoles, but the million-dollar question that's on everyone's mind is, "Will we see Starfield on the PlayStation as well?" We'll have to wait a little longer for the answer to that question, but as things stand, if we don't see the Xbox Game Pass on Sony's consoles, there's little chance we'll play the game on them.

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