Challenges and rewards arrive in League of Legends: Wild Rift with the new Wild Pass progression

League of Legends: Wild Rift - Wild Pass progression

In addition to the ARAM game mode and a few heroes, a new Wild Pass progression arrives in the second Wild Rift ranked season, which will allow you to level up and win great prizes. The second-ranked season begins in April.

The prizes that come with the Wild Pass can be won by simply playing the game, and include skins, icons, emotes, and other cosmetic accessories. Players who reach level 50 and reverse the entire Wild Pass will win a new exclusive skin, Hexplorer Jax. The rewards don’t stop there, however, as further Wild Pass levels give you more items, such as skin crates.

To claim these prizes, you must upgrade your Wild Pass using Wild Core. If you still don't want to improve your Pass, you can still earn Blue Motes and Poro Coins by playing the game.

If you want a premium version, subscribe to Wild Pass Elite. This version of Wild Pass unlocks additional missions as well as 5 free levels. This upgrade will cost you 400 Wild Cores.

You can find out more details about Wild Pass in the video below.

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