Cooler Master presents the MasterFrame 700

Cooler Master MasterFrame 700

An open PC case that transforms into a test bench

Cooler Master today introduced the MasterFrame 700 - a customizable frame that can be transformed from an open PC case into a flexible test bench.

The MasterFrame 700 is aimed at PC enthusiasts, and is designed to experiment with custom water cooling systems, test hardware on the go, and display large components via a tempered glass panoramic panel. 

Cooler Master MasterFrame 700 2

The case is adorned with a three-part design, with two side wings and a motherboard slot. Four specially designed hinges hold the panels to the side, allowing accessibility during component installation and system stability.

The transformation between an open PC case and a test bench is achieved via modular wings. In open mode, the MasterFrame 700 stands vertically to best display the components behind the tempered glass panel. The wings bend forward, are stabilized with rubber feet, and provide an attractive display of components.

Cooler Master MasterFrame 700 Case

In test bench mode, the wings on the sides are bent towards the CPU base and the graphics card, to allow localized airflow to the components, especially in the case of overclocking. The wings are also used to install radiators with triple fans and other accessories. Mounting options are increased and support up to three 360mm radiators simultaneously.

The MasterFrame 700 open PC case will be available in Europe from the end of April, at a suggested retail price of € 179.

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