Does Microsoft intend to buy Discord for $ 10 billion?

Discord and Microsoft

 Microsoft doesn’t seem interested in just buying game development studios, and the company is also considering acquiring gaming-related services. New reports suggest that Microsoft is currently in talks to buy Discord, for potentially more money than it recently bought Bethesda.

According to media reports, Discord is currently inactive talks about a potential purchase by various companies. Microsoft is reportedly currently the leader when it comes to offers and the company could set aside up to $ 10 billion to buy Discord. Microsoft would spend even more on this purchase than it did in the case of Bethesda, for whose purchase it set aside $ 7.5 billion.

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Other candidates are in the spotlight, and Epic Games and Amazon are also interested in Discord. Last year, the value of Discord was estimated at seven billion dollars, so that offers from various sources could raise the price of the company.

Discord is not yet a profitable company, but it could be of great importance to many. Amazon could use Discord to promote Twitch, while Microsoft and Epic Games could use the platform to replace their game-chat services.


Source: KitGuru

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