Dota 2 received a major update for new players

Dota 2 major update for new players

In front of the Dota 2 audience is a huge update, which should appear at about the same time as the anime based on this game, which will take place tomorrow - March 26.

Unlike the series, the update will not expand the knowledge about the Dota 2 world but will bring extensive changes to the tutorial, so that players attracted by anime can get used to the game more easily. Valve admitted that the previous tutorial was not valid and that it was not suitable for the Dota 2 environment, with which we agree.

Through a series of changes, players will have the opportunity to get better acquainted with the world of the game, the heroes, and there is a "New Player Mode" game mode that has a limited number of heroes to make players easier and tighter to get to know them through play. Other elements of the game, such as the store, will also be simplified to make it easier for players to cope.

We hope that the new elements will help players get used to it properly, especially the ones that the Dota anime series will attract to start playing.

More details about the upcoming changes and news can be found at this link.

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