Footage from the Elden Ring began circulating on the Internet

Elden Ring Game

Fans of FromSoftware games, who invented a completely new genre, are desperate to learn more about the new title the studio is working on along with Game of Thrones writer George R.R. Martin. 

The developers are very skillful in hiding the specific details related to the Elden Ring that they announced in 2019, so we have already started to wonder if the game is real and if it will come out in the end. Fortunately, the good news comes from the murky parts of the Internet, and according to some reports, it seems that the recordings of the trailer are circulating on the networks.

The video was seen only by certain members of the media, and Bandai Namco marked it as confidential so that it cannot be shared for legal reasons. According to the lucky ones who had the opportunity to see it, the clip looks like a gameplay trailer that FromSoftware plans to release for the game. 

The narrator in the video allegedly says that "he can't even imagine what makes us look for Elden Ring" and "I guess I can't persuade you to go back to where you came from", which sounds like the well-known mechanics of Souls games are probably written here as well. 

The leaked shots also show a more open environment, a recognizable style of fighting and dragon. Hm. I'm just wondering who is more obsessed with these mobile ovens, FromSoftware or George?

The rumors are slowly reaching their peak as time passes and there are no indications that the game will be out soon. Some thought the game might appear at an Xbox event scheduled for March, but the head of marketing for Microsoft said it wouldn’t happen. 

Elden Ring, like most games in development, succumbed to complications during the pandemic, and work is slower than it should be. The wide gaming community believes that we will soon get a little more concrete news, but we have already heard this once. Check out the first footage of the game leaked today below.





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