Gloomwood, survival horror FPS in Thief style - Steam demo!

Gloomwood Steam Demo

Here are a few words about one promising game that we have been looking forward to for a long time. From the creators of the old-school FPS in Quake-style named DUSK, New Blood Interactive team, soon (on the Steam page it says SOON for months) an interesting title should arrive. It's Gloomwood, a first-person shooter, in retro style, obviously inspired by the good old Thief games. Although the game was shown back at the PC Gaming Show event in June and was expected to be out by the end of the year, for some reason it didn’t happen.

Compared to the ultra-fast shooting action possessed by DUSK, Gloomwood is something different. The rhythm of this game, which can be described as a mixture of survival horror and immersive sim genres, is much slower. Our protagonist is trapped in some dark Gothic-Victorian city and should make the most of his stealth abilities and special weapons to save his life in an extremely hostile environment. Gloomwood can be nicely tried through the Steam service, where a free demo has been available for a long time. The game is not mentioned at all on the official New Blood Interactive page, so apparently, we will wait a little longer than "soon" for the release. 

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