Gotham Knights is a new big game that has been postponed to 2022

Gotham Knights Game

The trend of postponing big AAA titles continues, and the new “victim” who “escaped” in 2022 is the superhero action Gotham Knights.

Although the release of the Gotham Knights was predicted and loudly announced for this year, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and WB Montreal have received an official statement stating that the game has been postponed and that we will see it on sale sometime next year.


The reason for the delay is the additional time that the developers need to develop and complete the game so that they can ultimately deliver the top gaming experience that is expected of a team from WB Montreal.

Gotham Knights are currently in preparation for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S, and PC, and we should find out more details about it in the months ahead.

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