Intel has confirmed the release date of the Rocket Lake-S processor

Rocket Lake-S processor

Intel has confirmed that the Rocket Lake-S line of processors will start selling on March 30. This date coincides with what the rumors suggested earlier. It is not yet known whether March 16 is still in circulation as the launch date of the new processors.

The embargo on the start of sales of Intel's 11th generation desktop processor (Rocket Lake S) is on March 30, but that did not stop some retail chains from already starting to list new CPUs.

Intel confirmed that the German retailer Mind factory started selling the 11th generation of Core processors, before their official announcement. The company has not confirmed whether the retailer is directly responsible for the embargo violation or whether a supply chain error has occurred. Intel points out that it always takes embargo agreements seriously so that appropriate actions regarding this incident can still follow.

Specifications for the Core i7 and Core i9 models also appeared over the weekend, which you can see in the accompanying table.

Source: Videocardz

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