Is gaming useful and why?

The controversy over whether playing games is useful or harmful for gamers has been going on for years. As with many other things, playing video games can be very good fun, even useful, but it can also have a bad impact.

Many believe that video games have a bad effect on the mental and physical health of players. There is not enough scientific evidence for this theory, but there are many examples. There is no good reason for anyone to spend 10 or more hours a day sitting in front of a computer or console and playing. You need to responsibly decide how much time you will spend playing. 

If you are a parent and choose a game for your child, pay attention to the genre and rating. These are generally very good indicators of how a game will affect your child. Of course, limit the time a child spends playing to a reasonable extent.

On the other hand, there are also a lot of those who say that playing has helped them in everyday, real life. In this article, we will focus on the good sides of playing video games. How do games benefit players?

10 benefits of playing games

Games can help a person be less antisocial
One of the most common stereotypes is that gamers are antisocial and incapable of good relationships with other people. However, this is not exactly true. Most gamers are team players, always in the mood for conversation and jokes. Of course, it largely depends on what type of game the person is dedicated to.

1. They improve the ability to learn

Contrary to popular belief that gamers are mostly bad at school, research conducted in the UK has shown that most games increase brain activity. Real-time strategies helped the participants in this research to process more information faster and improve their cognitive abilities.

2. Gamers make decisions easier and faster

Games that contain a lot of details and images that change faster help players to notice details better, think faster, and make the right decisions.

3. They can slow down aging

Although aging has its advantages, it also has many challenges because many functions slow down or shut down. Games here can be very helpful because they train the brain and help it stay "in shape".

4. A good way to get away from reality for a while

In times when stress and problems are pressing from all sides, games can be a great pastime and a way to relax.

5. I can help you get closer to family and friends

If, as a family or a group of friends, you play together in a team and solve problems together, you can get to know each other from a new perspective and deepen the friendship.

6. They can help couples build a stronger bond

Surveys show that the more couples invest in fun, well-spent time together and try to be there for a partner, the stronger their relationship will be. Couples who enjoy playing games together have a healthier and happier relationship.

7. Some games can help you stay fit

There are games for different consoles in which you need to use the controller to imitate what you see on the screen, so you can compete in dance, tennis, Zumba, and many other sports. This type of game is much healthier than just passively watching TV or surfing the internet.

8. They improve reflexes

Numerous games that require a quick reaction improve the reflexes of the players.

9. They improve concentration

Games require undivided attention and focus on details, and it has been noticed that children who play games have a better perception and are easier to concentrate than others.
As we have seen, games can have quite a positive impact on players. If you are a gamer yourself, you have surely seen for yourself. However, not all games are good for the mental and physical health of the players, nor is it good to spend too much time playing. Be responsible to yourself and your families and have fun playing and solving various obstacles and tasks as a team.
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