Is there competition for the great Football Manager? Announced We Are Football

We Are Football Menager

THQ Nordic and developer Winning Streak Games have announced their new football management simulation, called We Are Football. The new competition for the popular Football Manager is coming on June 10, and only for PC (on Steam).

If this "courage" confuses you, this move may become clearer when you consider that Gerald Kohler and his team are working on the game, and Kohler has worked on the Ball and the Football Manager franchise so far.

What makes We Are Football a special game is an announcement of much faster, but also more detailed play. The dynamics of the game could lead the players to finish the season in one night, and for the first time, the option to lead a women's football team was added. What exactly this "speed" will look like, we will see in a few months. 

For now, we have the first teaser that does not emphasize some more features of the game, from never more detailed feedback for all your decisions, various difficulty levels, and the like that was announced but shows more the look of the manager and the atmosphere. Bombastic, anyway.


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