Just say "no" in Studio Fisbin's new game

Say No! More Game

Thunderful Publishing and Studio Fizbin presented their unusual game with a clear message. “Say No! Sea ”, is an NPG (no-playing game) in which your main goal is just to say“ no ”to everyone, whatever they want from you.

Simple controls of a character you can edit and design in detail, and who is an intern in some vague office where everyone orders him to do minor and minor things are major parts of this gaming experience. Your protagonist will be able to say "no" in as many as 16 languages, and you will be able to repel people in various ways through the game, to "improve the world with the positive power of rejection."

Do all clear? Not? We also have the first trailer for the game, which will be clearer:

Say No! More is coming out on April 9 for Nintendo Switch, PC and iOS mobile devices.

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