Multiplayer for The Last of Us: Part II is still planned

The Last of Us: Part II Multiplayer

Back in 2019, it was known that The Last of Us: Part II would go on sale without a multiplayer mode, and as a reason for delaying this, this Sony studio cited the ambition and evolution of what this multiplayer mode was originally supposed to represent. Now that almost nine months and as much complete media silence have passed since the release of this PS4 exclusive, it seems to us that it is time to finally find out more about this famous multiplayer mode.

That some things have moved from a standstill is best illustrated by the new job postings posted by Naughty Dog. One of the available positions, Economy Designer, has attracted special attention, as it directly concerns multiplayer, so something may be cooking in the ranks of Naughty Dog.


This is somewhat confirmed by Neil Druckmann's recent teaser in which he announces interesting things that we should find out more about soon. There is a good chance that this is a multiplayer announcement soon, but that's not all, because there are rumors about a standalone expansion similar to Left Behind, which should be focused on Abby. We won’t even mention the mysterious Stray’s Cross on this occasion.

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