Multiplayer mode for Watch Dogs: Legion postponed indefinitely

Watch Dogs: Legion Multiplayer

The pandemic and the problems with the development of games that it caused forced the developers to decide to divide the content in the games into several parts, so that they add what is missing after the release in the form of expansions.

One of the games affected by this is Ubisoft's Watch Dogs: Legion, which appeared only as a single player title last year, while the multiplayer remained under construction.

Watch Dogs: Legion Multiplayer was supposed to appear this spring, but that still won't be the case, as the release has been postponed indefinitely due to problems. The reason for the delay is the problem with certain graphics cards on which the game was constantly shooting.

It was noted that work is being done to solve the problem, but that there is no clear assumption when everything will be corrected. Delaying online modes primarily affects PC players, while those on consoles will only get certain game modes, and others will have to wait a while longer.

Watch Dogs: Legion multiplayer mode will be completely free for everyone who owns the game.

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