PAYDAY 3 is alive, has a new publisher and is coming in 2023


After quite a mess with the canceled and withdrawn The Walking Dead game and numerous financial problems, Starbreeze Studios was forced to hide with the third part of its popular "robbery" series PAYDAY. But after that dark period, the light at the end of the tunnel begins to slowly fade.

PAYDAY 3 is alive and well in preparation for consoles and PCs and should go on sale during 2023. For the needs of further development and release of its new game, Starbreeze has entered into an exclusive partnership with the publishing house Koch Media.

In a press release, Starbreeze Studios chief Tobias Sjogren revealed that the partnership with Koch Media will result in years of support after the release of the third part of PAYDAY, which certainly makes sense as the game emphasizes the "game as service" model, which guarantees players a bunch of extra post-launch content, as was the case with the second sequel.

Of course, since PAYDAY 3 is still very far from coming out, we will have to wait some more time for some more concrete details.

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