Rainbow Six Siege is painted in rainbow colors again

Rainbow Six Siege April Fool's Day

Two years ago, Ubisoft made a mockery of Rainbow Six Siege for "April Fool's Day". Through an event called "Rainbow is Magic", he put bright colors, funny costumes, and - of course - unicorns into a relatively serious game. This "magic" will return this year as well, as an optional event that will last from today, March 30, until April 5.

The operatives will thus once again become plastic soldiers, we will see crazy costumes in matches and we will fight to unlock a helmet in the shape of a rainbow-colored unicorn for Tachanka.

I know some players will slowly throw up from this, but one should still turn things into a joke from time to time. And before the games were like that - if Medal of Honor had multiplayer with dogs carrying rifles, I don’t see anything controversial in unicorns - for a week.

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