Techland admits that it announced Dying Light 2 too soon

As Techland is currently still silent about the state of Dying Light 2, various rumors about the state in which the game finds itself have been circulating for months and are of great concern to fans.

On several occasions, reports have been published that the game is in big production problems, the so-called development hell. One such was published recently with allegations that a large number of people are resigning and that the very top of the production still has no vision of the entire game.

Techland has gone public over these rumors and announced that new details for Dying Light 2 will arrive later this week. To reduce the anxiety of the fans, an error was admitted on the official Twitter profile that the game was announced too early.

This is also stated as the reason why there were not many new details and news about the game. Certainly, the period from the announcement at E3 2018 until now, without any news, only negative about delays and accusations, was a reason for fans to worry.

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