The developer warns you not to buy his game on Steam - it is a "pirated" version

The Sinking City Steam

Every developer whose game is on the Steam platform aims to sell it as well as possible and to pass as successfully as possible. However, in the case of The Sinking City and developer Frogwares, this is not the case.

Studio Frogwares warns users not to buy the game from the Steam platform and to avoid that version which they allege was pirated and released without their approval by publisher Nacon. How did it come about that a “pirated” version of the game found its way on Steam?

The dispute between Frogwares Studios and publisher Nacon has been going on since last year and is related to a breach of several points in the mutual agreement, which led to the removal of The Sinking City game from all digital platforms on the Internet. Both sides expressed their dissatisfaction in a French court, which recently ruled in favor of the publisher Nacon, so he remained behind this title.

According to the statement of the developer in the video below, Nacon arbitrarily returned the game to Steam, without approval, and a pirated version that does not even have the latest update. Frogwares claims that he can prove that The Sinking City on Steam is pirated because it is a version specially modified for Gamesplanet with modified config files and bypassed Unreal Engine encryption.

The studio explains the whole process of the so-called piracy of the game in detail in the video below, so feel free to watch it if you are interested. Shooting is also present on the Steam page of the game since both sides have access for some reason. Both the publisher and the developer have issued their announcements regarding the recent events, but without any indication for resolving the situation.


The Sinking City dispute steam

This will be the subject of a lawsuit again, and until then The Sinking City remains available for purchase on Steam.

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