The Fall Guys are moving under the auspices of Epic Games

Fall Guys ultimate knockout

Fortnite, Unreal Engine, and Fall Guys. Epic Games has been bought out by Mediatonic, the studio behind the multiplayer hit currently in its third season, Fall Guys.

This acquisition will not change anything in terms of availability on the platforms, Epic Games, and Mediatonic claim. But we don't know a lot of details about this yet, so how much money was in the game and what all this will mean in the long run for the availability of the game and its content, as well as the price. Also, the question remains when the game will be removed from Steam, even though they assure us that it will not happen so soon.

What we do know is that cross-play will come into play soon, great potential has been announced for merging its capabilities in Epic and Mediatonica. All other changes are currently in the realm of speculation, so we have some comic attempts on social media that try to interpret this great collaboration:

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