The medieval multiplayer title with Dragons, Century: Age of Ashes comes out in April

Century: Age of Ashes Steam


Century: Age of Ashes is one of the games we have been waiting for a long time since it was supposed to appear a few months ago on Steam, but the developer Playing decided to move the release in favor of additional development.

What makes this title interesting is the fight with dragons in the form of a competitive arena "shooter", with elements of medieval fantasy. There are several character classes with different characteristics and they, along with all the elements that the game offers, are shown in the new gameplay trailer.

The game seems quite ambitious, especially since in the recent period there has been no opportunity to play something this way, except in certain segments of AAA games, such as Middle-Earth: Shadow of War.

The release is now scheduled for April, and players have the opportunity to try Century: Age of Ashes earlier through a closed beta test for which it is possible to log in via the official Steam page. The test will help determine the stability of the server and secondary elements of the game before it is released. The beta will run from March 12 to 21.

Age of Ashes will hit Steam Early Access in April as a Free2Play title, meaning development will continue in the coming months with further improvements and new content.

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