The old shooter XIII is distributed free of charge

Free XIII Game once again honors PC gamers, a game that has absolutely nothing to do with rabbits, eggs, and spring. In the next 26 hours, the old shooter from 2003, the comic XIII. All you need to get your copy of that game is a user account on, with which you log in to the official webshop and permanently add this game to your collection.

Download XIII

A game based on the eponymous Belgian comic strip, in which a character named XIII tries to beat amnesia and reveal his true identity. Given that the character was accused of assassinating the President of the United States, this search for identity did not pass without violence, which XIII stylized visualizes on the model of the original template - in the style of comic book houses. The game has 54 missions, 16 weapons, extensive multiplayer, and a distinctive cel-shaded style display. The voice of the main character was lent by the famous actor David Duchovny.

XIII also got its remake last year, so it's clear - now the original 2003 game is being shared. This is a better option, considering that the reworking didn't go very well either among the audience or among the reviewers.

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