The story trailer for the PS5 exclusive Returnal has arrived

PS5 exclusive Returnal

Sony Interactive Entertainment and the Finnish studio Housemarque released today the official story trailer for the PS5 exclusive Returnal, and in parallel with the trailer, we learned a few key details of the story of this roguelike third-person shooter.

According to details revealed by game narrative designer Greg Louden via the PlayStation Blog, the Returnal plot will revolve around space scout Selena (voiced by Jane Perry from the recent Hitman trilogy) who, after searching for an enigmatic signal, decides to ignore her superiors' orders. ends up on the alien planet Atropos full of various dangers, where, among other things, she finds her corpse with a short flashback that reveals how she died. Very quickly, she realizes that she is stuck in an unlimited time loop that ends with her death and falls on the said planet, which is fatal for her in a million and one ways.

In his post on the PlayStation Blog, Louden also briefly looked back at the mysterious house we’ve seen in the last few trailers, including this latest one. According to new information, a visit to the house contains unusual and well-known events that we must arrange properly. Because of all this, the story will be presented through the famous Xeno archives from different perspectives that are very often not Selena's. Such a thing should bring a real freshness to the narrative aspect of gaming.

Unless there is a new unforeseen delay, Returnal should play as early as April 30th.

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