The studio behind the Disintegration shooter has been shut down

V1 Interactive studio

Although Disintegration was announced as a title that would bring a revolution to the shooter genre, this, unfortunately, did not happen. Moreover, the servers of this realization were empty already at the start. They were shut down for only three months, which led to a very bad epilogue for the V1 Interactive studio.

Namely, the news of its shutdown came from the ranks of this development team via Twitter. The president and founder of the studio Marcus Lehto, who many know as one of the authors of Halo, thanked everyone who in some way participated in the development of Disintegration, but also the fans and community for their support over the past five years. The statement states that V1 Interactive has always been completely transparent towards its employees so that everyone found out about the shutdown in time and had enough time to look for a new engagement.


The V1 Interactive was formed in 2015 with headquarters in Seattle, and for the past five years has been working on Disintegration, which appeared on PS4, Xbox One, and PC platforms this summer.

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